God's words

  • 1Chr. 16:31
    Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, “The LORD reigns!”


    I'm on the pastoral team of this thriving multi-cultural Elim Pentecostal Church in the heart of Cardiff- the capital city of Wales.


    From 2001-2016 I spent part of my year on the road as pastor to the Christian rock band Third Day.


    I am part of the church planting and strengthening ministry Waleswide, alongside leaders from across the evangelical spectrum and geographical spread of the nation.


    Both personally and in my local church role I am pleased to stand with our Elim Missions Dept.
    I spend part of my time as the regional co-ordinator for Elim in Wales-working with churches and leaders.





lois Richards

wooohoo!! a mention on the infamous spin like the wind!!! it was a really good night, and fantastic to see you, Gill, Bethan and Rachel. hope he rest of the tour goes well. see you sooooon :)

Godgrl Gomer

WOW! Thanks for sharing. I was moved by the experience of your visiting one of Jack's old haunts.
On the by, Doug Gresham has been a friend of mine since 1999. He is a sweet guy and I know that he would have been touched to know the compassion you and the band feel towards his stepfather.
God bless

Emily Payne

It was lovely to meet you in Cardiff (we were waiting with Teresa and Justin before the show) and hear about the work you are doing with Ignite in India. Did you meet your target re; money for church?
By the way - it WAS hot and sweaty at the show, but it was worth the trip from Norfolk to be there. Bless you in your work Nigel. ;o)

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Bill Hughes (KY, USA)

Went on the Ron Brind tour in 2005, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Very nice to see that the guys in Third Day are fans, too. God Bless you!


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